We are developing ensemble series for woodwind, brass, and mallet percussion. The mallet percussion titles are all suitable for use in WGI Concert Percussion classes, and are all PD (Public Domain - NO copyright clearances needed!)

Current titles available ($40 each unless marked otherwise);

Woodwind Choir

Canzona Francese Seconda
, Salvatore, ME
Gavotte in c minor, Archangelo Corelli, ME
Minuet and Trio, Boccherini - ME
Modinha, Heitor Villa-Lobos, MA

Fitzwilliam Brass Choir Series (or Quintet/Sextet) (Tpt. 1, Tpt. 2, Hn, Tb, Tu)
         (All have an optional Tbn. 2./Bt part to make sextets, or double all 6 parts for brass choirs)

Dance Suite from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, varoius, M
Fantasia, Nicholas Stogers, M
Galliarda #1(to my Lord Lumley's Pavan), John Bull, M
Galliarda #2, Anon., M
Galliarda #3, John Bull, M
In Nomine #1, Anon., M
In Nomine #2, John Parsons, M
Monsieur's Alamande, William Byrd, M+
Seven Short Dances, Various, M
Three Almans, Robert Johnson, M
Tregian's Ground, William Byrd, M
Tristis est Anima Mea, Kuhnau, M
Two Maskes, Giles Farnaby, M
William Byrd Dance Suite, William Byrd, M

Brass Ensembles/Choirs(inst. as stated)

Fanfare, Bax - M ($25)

Standard concert band brass section

Fanfare pour une Fete, de Falla - M ($25)
2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Timpani

La Peri Fanfare, Dukas - M

New! - for standard concert band brass section
(Tpt. 1, 2, 3 (in Bb!), Hn 1, 2, Tbn. 1, 2, Bt, Tu)

O Magnum Mysterium, Gabrieli - M
Brass Octet or Choir, in 2 Choirs
Choir 1 - Tp. 1, Tp, 2, Hn. 1, Tbn. 1
​Choir 2 - Hn.2, Tbn. 2, Bt., Tu.

Mozart (and Friends) for Mallets Series
Overture to The Magic Flute
, W. A. Mozart, M
Overture to The Marriage of Figaro, W. A. Mozart, M
Symphony No. 1, 1st mvt., W. A. Mozart, ME
Symphony No. 25, 1st mvt., W. A. Mozart, M
Symphony No. 32, 1st mvt., Haydn, M
Symphony No. 40, 1st mvt., W. A. Mozart, MA

All require Bells, 2 Xylophones, 2 Vibes, 2 Marimbas (with 2 players on each instrument), Timpani, and Chimes (11 players total).

We also have percussion instruction sheets, marching percussion warm-ups, and keyboard exercises available.

  • Fanfare - Bax0:32
  • Fanfare pour une Fete - de Falla0:27
  • La Peri Fanfare1:45
  • O Magnum Mysterium Brass 82:01

  • Mozart Sym No 1.mp33:41

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