• For Deep Need I Cry to Thee1:02
  • 1. P & F in Bb (C) Major4:26
  • 2. P & F in d minor3:29
  • 3. P & F in d (e) minor3:22
  • 4. P & F in F Major3:03
  • 5. P & F in F (G) Major2:41
  • 6. P & F in G minor3:56
  • 7. P & F in g (a) minor2:59
  • 8. P & F in Bb Major3:41

FREE! For Deep Need, I Cry to Thee - Warm-up chorale
One of my favorite Bach Chorales as it starts on a dominant seventh chord in 3rd(!) inversion, and it continues as one of the most harmonically interesting and complex of all the Bach Chorales. The key signature is Ab/f, and the melody is in F phrygian. The harmony is from the phrygian dominant scale (1 b2 3 4 5 b6 b7 1)

The chord progression for the first three bars is;

I 246     iv 6     iii dim 6    iv    iii 6    v 7    VI    i 346    ii 356    I

Email me here for the score and parts. Includes 4 mallet parts covering SATB.

  • A Little Song2:41
  • A March Royal1:52
  • Buccaneer March1:12
  • Fanfare and March2:25
  • Knightsbridge March2:31
  • Mustang March1:59
  • Prelude & Fugue in Bb - Kuhnau2:20
  • Te Deum - Gounod3:34
  • Two Prelude and Fugues - Kuhnau5:08

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  • Adiago & Allegro for Mech. Organ6:07
  • Cielo Andaluz orig2:47
  • Festival Prelude for the New Century - Nielsen1:16
  • Gloria from Mass No. 1 in D - Salieri6:46
  • Kyrie from Mass No. 1 in D - Salieri2:53
  • Last Starfighter Suite4:54
  • Le Triomphe de la Republique - Gossec.mp35:26
  • Marche Pontificale - Gounod2:50
  • O Magmun Mysterium2:42
  • Parade Foraine - Ibert1:35
  • Peeley Guards Quickstep - Tucker2:30
  • Prelude and Fugue in Bb (C) - Boyce2:12
  • Prelude and Fugue in Eb3:45
  • Prelude and Fugue in g (d) - Boyce2:44
  • Te Deum in Eb - Moeran9:23
  • Te Deum Prelude2:01
  • Toccata in F - Georges Muffat7:00
  • Toccata and Fugue in d minor - Got. Muffat4:15
  • Trauermarsch - Hartmann4:16
  • Two Processionals5:05
  • Voluntary No. 3 - Boyce (CB).mp34:05
  • The Wooden Prince Suite - Bartok13:45

  • Cathedral Chimes - Calver5:35
  • Cathedral Fugue in Eb - Attwood.mp34:06
  • Fanfare and Postlude - Armstrong4:21
  • Intrada - Ireland3:35
  • Passacaglia in g (b)4:08
  • Postlude in d minor - Bruckner3:05
  • Postludium - Tinel2:29
  • P & F in c minor - Vaughan Williams8:42
  • Symphonic Prelude - Steere4:01

We specialize in transcriptions and original compositions at all levels from beginning band to college level works. Contemporary, little known composers or works, and soundtrack/film music are our specialties. If there is a piece that you have always wanted a band version of, now is the time to contact us - steve@thebandlibrary.com

Concert band music is delivered electronically with .pdf scores and parts, .mp3 recording, a letter giving you permission to make as many copies of parts as needed for your specific school, and a letter giving you permission to make 4 copies of the score, 1 for your use, and 3 for concert judges.

Recordings are available - email us!

Recordings will be added here as they can be made.

Works currently available;

Middle School ($40 each)

A Little Song, Kabalevsky - VE
A March Royal, Handel - VE
Buccaneer March, Knob - E
Fanfare and March, Knob - E
Knightsbridge March, Knob - ME
Mustang March, Knob - E
Prelude and Fugue in Bb Major, Kuhnau - ME
Te Deum, Gounod – ME
Two Preludes and Fugues, Kuhnau - ME

Bach for Band ($50 each)
(Parenthesis shows original key or other title)

​​Eight Little Preludes and Fugues

       1. Prelude and Fugue in Bb Major - ME

    2. Prelude and Fugue in d minor - M

    3. Prelude and Fugue in d (e) minor - M

    4. Prelude and Fugue in F Major - M

    5. Prelude and Fugue in F (G) Major - MA

    6. Prelude and Fugue in g minor - M

    7. Prelude and Fugue in g (a) minor - M

    8. Prelude and Fugue in Bb (C) Major - MA

Canzona in d minor - M
Come Blessed Rest (Come, Sweet Death) - ME
Fantasia and Fugue in c minor - M
Fantasia and Fugue in g (b) minor - M
Fantasia in Bb Major - M
Fugue in g minor - M
Prelude and Fugue in d (e) minor #1 - M
Prelude and Fugue in d minor #2 - M

Contemporary Organ Works for Band ($50 each)
Aria from the Suite for Strings and Organ, Respighi - MA
Cathedral Chimes, Calver - M

Cathedral Fugue in Eb, Attwood - M
​Fanfare and Postlude, Armstrong - M
First Sonata, Karg-Elert - MA
​Intrada, Ireland - M
Kyrie Eleison, Karg-Elert - M

Passacaglia in g (b) minor, West, MA

Postlude in d minor, Bruckner - M
​Postludium, Tinel - M
Praludium and Fugue, Micheelsen - MA
Praludium in G Major, Kraft - M

Prelude & Fugue in c minor, Vaughan Williams - A
Prelude and Fugue on BACH - Karg-Elert - MA
Preludio con Fuga, Ducommum - MA
Preludio per Organo, Respighi - M
Symphonic Prelude, Steere - M
Toccata, Boelmann - M
Toccata, Ducommum - MA
Toccata, Langgaard - MA

High School / College ($75 each unless marked otherwise)
(Parenthesis shows original key or alternant title)

A Rustic Wedding, Berwald - MA
Adagio and Allegro for Mechanical Organ, Mozart - A
Alla Marcia from the Karelia Suite, Sibleus - MA
Chant Variations, Knob - M
Cielo Andaluz, Marquina - MA (original)
Cielo Andaluz, Marquina - M
Constellation, The (Concert March) - M
Coronation Scene from Boris Gudounov, Moussorsky - M
Despedida, Marcha Funebre, de Sousa – M
Double Fugue in G minor, Grieg - M
El Circo, Turina - MA
Festintrade, Volckmar - MA

Festival Prelude for the New Century, Nielsen - M ($40)
Festmarsch, Killawoda – M
First Regimental Grand March, Perry - M

Gloria from the Mass No. 1 in D, Salieri - MA
Hilltopper March, Nancy Knob (my mom!) - M
Hochzeitmarsch, Attrup - M
Honored Dead, Sousa - M
Keltic March, Rowley - M

Kyrie from the Mass No. 1 in D, Salieri - M
Last Starfighter Suite, Craig Safan - MA ($100)

Overture to "Le Triomphe de la Republique", Gossec – M

       Includes a part for Cannon! (Or bass drum if you want to be boring)

March, from Ruslan and Ludmilla, Glinka – M

Marche Pontifical, Gounod - M
Marsch fur des Konigs Regiment, Gerson - M
Masonic Funeral Music, Mozart – M
Obertura, Marques - MA
Ofertorio Sinfonico - Estilo Cromatico, Serracant - M
Old Hebrew Folk Songs, Trad. - M
Overture to The Wizard, Holbrooke - M

Parade Foraine, from Symphonic Suite "Paris", Ibert - MA
​Peeley Guards Quickstep, Tucker - M
Picador March, The, Sousa - M
Prelude & Fugue in Bb (Voluntary No. 8, in C), Boyce - M
Prelude & Fugue in Eb (Voluntary No. 10, in G), Boyce - M
Prelude & Fugue in g (Voluntary No. 7, in d), Boyce - M
Sorgemarsch, Halvorsen, M
Suite Francaise, Poulanc, MA
Sym. No. 3, Mvt. 3, Atterburg - A ($100)
Sym. No. 3 (complete), Arvo Part - A ($250)

Te Deum in Eb, Moeran - M
Te Deum Prelude, Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - M
Three Marches from the opera Idomeneo, Mozart – M
Toccata, Kuhnau - M
Toccata, Moeran – A

Toccata and Fugue in d minor, Gott. Muffat - MA

Toccata in F - Georges Muffat - MA
Toward a New Life, Suk – MA
Trauermarsch, Hartmann - M
Two Processionals, Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - M
​Voluntary No. 3, Boyce - M

Wooden Prince Suite, The, Bartok - MA ($150)

I do have other works in preparation, so please ask.

Grading scale:

E - Easy, Grade 1 - Early middle school
ME - Medium Easy, Grade 2 - Middle school

M - Medium, Grade 3 - 9-10 high school

MA - Medium advanced, Grade 4 - High school

A - Advanced, Grade 5 - Difficult high school, easy college

A+ - Advanced plus, Grade 6 - College