Marching Band

We specialize in custom arrangements and orignal shows for marching band. Having music crafted to the strenghts of your program is one of the main things that you can do to increase the sucess of your marching band. This is especially important for small bands with limited instrumentation.

Arrangements can be at any level you need. All scores, parts, and .mp3/.wav files included. I can also write pit parts, and percussion parts at the easy to moderate level.

Pricing is dependent on difficulty level and amount of pit/percussion writing to be done.

Information is the key to making this process work. The more information you can give me, the better. A section by section break down of strengths and challenges is essential. Possible
soloists, features, or small groups need to be noted. Ideas as to form and timing can also be included. Suitability of selections is something we may have to discuss regarding the ability level of the group. 

Arrangements to be taken from recordings and re-arranging existing arrangements will be charged at a higher rate.

All copyright work must be done before any work will be done on arrangements.

Our recent customers;
Adair Co., KY
Woodford Co., KY
Ryle HS, KY
Lee Co., KY
Watertown HS, TN
Flagler Palm Coast HS, FL
Bartram Trail HS, FL
Tattnall Square Academy, GA
Excel HS, AL
N. Laurel HS, KY

Beloved - M
Based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem Annabelle Lee
Written for the 2014 Woodford Co. KY HS Band, John Bowmer, director

Concerto for Front Ensemble and Marching Band - A
Based on the Howard Hanson Piano Concerto #1

Mozart Sym. No. 1 for Marching Band - MA
1. Sym. No. 25, Mvt.1
2. Serenade in B flat, "Gran Partita", Adagio
3. Overture to the Magic Flute

Transformations - M
Can evil transform into good?

In preparation-

Precession of the Equinoxes- MA
1. Pythagoras and Copernicus
2. On the Sensations of Tone
3. Mithras Slays the Bull

Recordings of any of our works are available

Copyright Information

  • The purchaser is responsible for all copyright clearances when applicable.
  • We can help with this, but there may be an additional fee.
  • Please note that permission to arrange/perform does not cover any recording/synchronization rights.
  • Single pages of existing arrangements can be sent as examples, but may not be resold unless all copyright clearance are obtained but the new group wishing to use it. All copyright clearances are retained by the band that originally commissioned the arrangement.
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